Try Bright Pink Crinkle Fabric will Awaken your Imagination!

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Crinkle Crepe Back Satin Spandex Fabric features a slight two-way stretch and a bright pink color. It contains 97% polyester and 3% spandex and measures 45” wide. We think this fabric would look great as an airy dress, as this fabric would do especially well on the bodice either for a little girl or even an adult. The color calls to mind the colorful days of spring and will have you thinking of bright sunbathed petals. A perfect reminder as we go into fall and winter.

This fabric would also make an amazingly flowy skirt that swishes behind you as you walk. Paired with a patterned or flowered top, you’ll be sure to garner compliments. Remember to take care when sewing and choose stitches that will stretch with the fabric. This Crinkle Crepe Back Satin Spandex Fabric in hot pink is obtainable for just $11.99, so don’t hesitate to start on your next project! As usual, you can get a $1 sample if you’d like to see this crinkly fabric in person.

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