Reflections on the Holographic Spandex Fabric

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This is a very particular type of fabric that consists of a mesh base, combined with sequin highlights, which ultimately allows the fabric to show an array of colors; this fabric may be used to cover dresses, or other items of clothing. Depending upon where you look for this type of fabric, it is relatively inexpensive, while providing an interesting and unique look. Being holographic, the colors of this fabric are not fixed, rather they change with the positioning of its placement, in correspondence to light and reflective surfaces. In recent years, this type of style has become more and more popular with the youth culture, as it is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, with a shiny nature. This type of style was originally popularized in the 1970’s in the United States and abroad. All in all, this fabric is able to be used with a plethora of clothing designs, providing a style that separates itself from the traditional crowd.

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Mist Nylon Spandex

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