Fun Sewing Projects With Spandex Material

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Spandex is a man-made material that provides durability. Lycra is another popular name for spandex. The material is widely used in clothing because of it’s lightweight fabric. The material provides elasticity that allows it to stretch. In fact, spandex is a very breathable fabric. Spandex is comprised of 85 percent long chain polymer. However, it is made of several materials called sytheziers. Most spandex material is mixed with both cotton and polyester. Spandex is made of several basic colors along with custom shades available. You can also find several printed patterns of spandex material available. Learn of cool DIY sewing designs that can be made with spandex.

Fun Spandex DIY Sewing Projects
Sweat Pants
Sportswear are often used with spandex material. A novice seamstress can make sportswear clothing items. They provide breathable material that’s great for sports and exercise. Spandex comfortably rests on the skin and absorbs perspiration.

Spandex Shorts
Spandex shorts allows you to create a fun DIY sportswear sewing project. You can choose from several short styles and colors. You simply choose a pattern that fits your lifestyle. You can enjoy cool fabric that won’t cling to you. Learn more about spandex for sportswear clothing items online today.

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