Everyday Can Be A Mermaid Day With Sequin Spandex Fabric

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If you love to craft or have a distinct fashion sense, then the Mermaid Moonshadow Sequin Spandex Fabric is perfect for you. The durable spandex material is made of 80% Nylon with 20% Nylon. The fabric contains a 4 way stretch allowing versatility for several projects. Sequin Spandex fabric is available in an array of colors. If you are creating a special costume or home décor, this sequin spandex fabric is available at wholesale pricing.
One simple project you can create with the fabric is a sequin mermaid pillow. The popularity for mermaid pillows has sky rocketed. Why not sew your own glitzy pillow? Before cutting mark your seam allowances, this will ensure you do not go too far in. This helps keep the line of stitching intact. You will also want to cut the sequins to expose the small holes, this is where the thread will go through. You will need a seam ripper to rip out the stitching from the back. If these two steps are not followed your needles will break. After the seam allowances are cleared you are able to sew, remember to go slow and use a long stich. Mermaid Pillows are just one of ideas for the versatile sequin spandex fabric. Happy Sewing!

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Stretch Spandex sequins fabric

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