Are you a Cosplay Enthusiast or a Superhero?

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This Glossy Stretch Fetish Patent Vinyl Spandex Fabric comes in 15 exciting colors to fill all your vinyl needs! Choose from dull silver, black, dull red, green, navy, yellow, and more. We think you’ll find a color to match whatever your unique project calls for. If you’re a cosplay enthusiast, you can take advantage of our wide range of colors to create any props or armor pieces you need! Use our vinyl spandex fabric to cover foam cut-outs of any shape, such as sword hilts, shields, helmet decorations, and more. Just make sure to use a strong glue and allow it to dry completely before wearing.

If Halloween costumes are more your style, you can use this fabric for your superhero or demon needs! This stretchy fabric will create the look you’re going for and will move with you as you enjoy your Halloween celebrations. This fabric is 94% polyester and 6% spandex with a two-way stretch. The width is 58-60 inches, available in continuous yards at $7.99. You can easily care for this fabric by wiping with a damp cloth as needed. Ask for a $1 sample if you’d like to give this fabric a test drive.

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solid fetish glossy collage


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