Unisex Fitness Apparel: Look Good and Feel Good

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Unisex Metallic Spandex Training Pants

Unisex Metallic Spandex Training Pants

Nowadays, living a healthy lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating and fitness has been grasped by so many. If you type in the hashtags #fitness and #workout in Instagram, you will pull up thousands upon thousands of photos of several work out selfies and how to work out videos. The fitness industry is at its peak and will continue to grow, because people are now understanding that “health is wealth”. But nobody should go to the gym or the local park and workout in raggedy sweats or unflattering tee shirts you pulled out of the pile of clothing you meant to donate. The whole concept of working out is to feel better overall, both mind and body, so why would you dedicate yourself to working out without putting thought into your workout apparel?

Workout apparel doesn’t have to be expensive when you can make custom made workout clothing for both men and women. Trendy fitness apparel is all the rage because it allows people to wear it inside and outside the gym. Our stunning Metallic Foil Spandex Fabric comes in several colors perfect for making unisex fitness apparel. It is made from a mix of polyester and spandex, has a 4-way stretch allowing your body to move and breath comfortably as you move around. The stretch Lycra is lightweight and will feel like second skin, giving your body more freedom to work out even harder and longer. Our fabric is made with only the highest quality, durability, and value. Originally $8.25 per yard, on sale at a very low price of $5.89, making our fabric unbeatable.

Green Metallic Foil Spandex Fabric

Metallic Foil Spandex Fabric

Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness competitor, fitness model, dancer, gym owner, or a fitness enthusiast, our Metallic Foil Spandex Fabric will bring life to your workout gear. This fabric is easy to clean and easy to sew with. You can make a few custom made pieces or mass produce: workout pants, workout shorts, workout shirts, workout jackets, sports bras, headbands, tank tops, skirts, along with other non-fitness apparel. The colors and style of our fabric is unisex, perfect for both men and women. Remember, fitness should have you feeling good from the inside out, and with hot workout gear using our Metallic Foil Spandex Fabric, you will definitely be turning heads at the gym.

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